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Creating Easter Decor with Vintage Treasures

Does everybody have a stash of vintage items? Yes? No? Just me? I didn't think so. Using your vintage items in your Easter decor is easy. You just need to think out of the box or basically throw some eggs in anything that doesn't move. I have compiled a bunch of my Easter decor projects utilizing vintage items.

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These are cute and really easy to make if you have an old tattered quilt.

You can often find old silver-plate easily at thrift stores.

This was a new one this year.

This one takes a little bit of work but the result is well worth the minimal effort required.

You can even use you kitchen utensils as Easter decor.

This may be a stretch, but these resemble eggs—right?

This egg scale makes a perfect display for a colorful egg.

This cute little container makes a great nest for an egg.

A bunny is nested in this ceramic leaf bowl with spools of thread for "eggs".

This is more of a spring decor idea rather than specific to Easter. This old enamel teapot is a beautiful green color. It is missing the top percolator part, but that just makes it a perfect vase.

A bunch of Spring flowers fits perfectly!

I hope this inspires you to look at what you already may have to use for seasonal decor. Have a blessed Easter!

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