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Green Distressed Cabinet

There are some pieces that just get jostled around in my storage area. There are a variety of reasons—mainly time, but sometimes the piece just doesn't inspire me. I purchased this vintage record cabinet at a garage sale about three years ago.

I had just finished painting a small, heavily distressed table in a celery green color. I thought this table would look great with the same treatment.

The doors were hanging off and the knobs had not been applied in the same spot on each door.

I found these embellishments in the craft section at WalMart on the day I started on this cabinet. I thought these would look great on the doors and add a little pizzaz to the piece.

The embellishment already had adhesive on the back and it adhered to the doors really well. I painted the entire piece with Waverly chalk paint in the celery color.

I used 60 grit sandpaper to heavily distress the piece. I wanted it to look like the paint had been on there forever and had worn off over time. I used Varathane Crystal Clear polyurethane in the Satin finish to protect the paint.

I drilled new holes for the knobs and switched out the old knobs for vintage glass knobs.

I reattached the doors to the base and it was finished. This cabinet would look great on a porch or in a sunroom. It has a fresh new finish but it looks like it has lived a long life.

It just needed a few vintage accessories to complete it.

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