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It's that time of year again! Time for the annual 127 sale. 697 miles of endless yard sales through six states. 2022 marks the 35th anniversary of the sale. I think this is my 20th year on the sale. The sale actually begins tomorrow (Thursday, August 4, but many vendors set up several days before the sale. We traveled from northern Indiana down to Gadsden, AL which is the starting/ending point (depending on your direction of travel). We actually tried something a little different this year and hit portions of the sale on the way down to Gadsden.

We have this on the back of our van.... if you see us out there, say hi!

We started out yesterday afternoon and made it to Crossville for the night. Most of the sales were closed by the time we hit Hwy 127. We did find a few things though.

This really cute chippy green stool was my first purchase. You will see this color a lot in my purchases—so far most of the things I have purchased have been green.

I also bought this bag of thread balls. These are great for bowl fillers or to stack in an old canning jar.

This little cutie is going to become part of my vintage Easter collection.

This morning we headed out early and started finding things right away.

This mid century modern television lamp was my first purchase today! There is a light bulb behind the duck. In the 1950s and 60s, you would see lamps like this on televisions across America. Of course there was always fake greenery in the planter portion! Did I mention I only paid $2 for this????

This vase is one of my favorite purchases today. It isn't marked, but I love the style of it. I bought it to re-sell, but I just may have to keep it!

I snap these up whenever I find them. This one needs a good cleaning, but I think it will be gorgeous when it is sparkling clean!

This is a vintage oil painting. It is unsigned, but something about it was calling my name. You know what they say—buy what you like! And I liked this—a lot!

At the same sale, I snapped up these three vintage loaf pans.

This vintage magazine rack made its way into the back of the van.

I picked up both these pottery pitchers at the same sale. I also bought two crock lids at this sale, but I forgot to take photos of those.

I really liked this magazine rack. It's following me home too.

Old restaurant china is always a fun find. This little gravy boat/creamer is soooooo tiny! And only $1.

This glass wall pocket is really adorable. Yep, it's in the van!

All in all, we had a great time today! It was hot but thankfully, the air conditioning in the van works fantastically! We had lunch in a little family owned diner in Dunlap, TN. The food was great, as was the service.

Tonight we are in Gadsden, awaiting the official kick off in the morning! Stay tuned for more treasures!

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