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Records and Recipes

So many auctions are online now. There are a few live auctions here and there, but the majority are online. There are pros and cons. Pro—you can "attend" many auctions in one week. Con—you can't always see what you are getting. Something in the "pro" column is running into friends when picking up your auction treasures. Last week, I showed up to pick up my item and I ran into my friend Dagmar. She was picking up a small piece of furniture she had won.

Dagmar had purchased this really cute record cabinet!

Look at the detail on the top portion of this cabinet! Many times, this type of detail in cabinets of this age is often broken. It was intact on this gem.

As Dagmar was loading the record cabinet in her car, I asked her what she was planning to do with it. She replied she was going to use it to store her cookbooks. Genius! Seriously, what a great repurpose of of this treasure.

I asked her to send me a photo when she was finished with the piece. Now it usually takes me a while to get to some of my pieces, but I received this photo in only a couple of days!

It is simply gorgeous! She gave it a good cleaning, sanded the top and added a coat of polyurethane to seal it. This record cabinet is now the perfect place to store all those great vintage cookbooks! It is also perfect for showcasing a couple of other vintage pieces. I have never seen the Wilton baby grand piano cake pans and decorations before. I really love how she has them displayed on this cabinet. And that Robinson Ransbottom blue crock bowl? Swoon! I hear she is on the lookout for these types of bowls so let me know if you find any!

Dagmar is also a fellow antique dealer. Her booth is at Heart of the Lakes Antique Mall in North Webster, IN. Check it out if you are in the area!

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