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Roll-top Desk Redo

Painting furniture isn't a new trend. People have been painting furniture for years. Painting with awful enamel based, super thick ugly paint. Chalk paint is a joy to remove compared to shiny enamel paint. Take this old, small roll top desk (and chair).

This was a leftover piece from one of our estate sales (I have an estate sale business with a friend in addition to the antiques business). I bought it at 75% off (around $20) and lugged it home.

It had really cute cubbies tucked under the lid. I knew that stripping it wasn't going to be an endeavor that I wanted to get in to. Painting a new color was the only option.

The chair was a little wobbly but I thought we could fix it. A couple of the legs had pretty severe cracks and it was beyond my "fix-it" skills so I broke it up and put it in the trash.

First and foremost, it needed to be cleaned. It had been in the attic of a garage for years. After cleaning, we lightly sanded it.

The back and sides had a flimsy cardboard-like material on it so we replaced it with tongue and groove beadboard.

We chose Folk Art Chalk Paint in a Sage color. We put the roll top on a tarp-covered cheese box to paint it. We could get the paint down in the groove and it helped keep the slats from sticking together.

We heavily distressed it and put an exterior clear coat on it and reassembled it.

We put an exterior clear coat because we thought it would be a great potting bench.

A new coat of paint made all the difference. It was dirty and drab before and now it is fresh and ready for its next adventure.

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