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Special Delivery

Last week I was going through one of my booths, decorating for Christmas and removing the dead weight—items that haven't sold in quite a while. I had a wooden crate in this booth for over two and a half years and it had been in another booth prior to that. It was useful for staging but I realized I just kept moving it around and it never sold so it was on the hit list. I was loading items into the box that were being donated to Goodwill and right before I put it in the donation box, I unloaded it and decided to keep it and give it a makeover.

I was getting things ready for a Christmas Open House so I immediately thought this needed a Christmas makeover. I am surprised this box has escaped a stencil to this point. I have had the box before I bought my Silhouette Cameo. I am sure if this had been in the garage, it would have already been stenciled.

I found another stencil at Board and Batten Design. This was perfect for this crate and it was proportional to the size of the crate.

It was easy to download, cut and weed. However, I ended up cutting this stencil three times. The first time a gust of wind caught the stencil just as I was positioning it on the box. It folded over on itself and I couldn't get it separated. So I cut it again. I placed it on the box.

After is was peeled the backing and attached it to the crate I realized I had attached it to the bottom of the crate. Arrrgggghhhhhh! So I peeled it off and discarded that one too—and cut a third one.

This time I ensured it was on the correct side of the box. Then I chose a Waverly chalk paint in red.

And it turned out beautifully! I sanded it to distress it a bit.

Then I put a topcoat of Rust-O-Leum Matte on it to seal it and it was finally finished!

I love the seal that says "verified nice".

Now it is ready for some Christmas goodies!

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