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Deck the Halls

I love using vintage items when decorating for the holidays. I was at an auction about five years ago. It was October and I thought it wasn't that cold when I left the house. I froze my keister off that day, but I stuck around for a couple of things. One was this Picker Basket. It was mixed in with all the tools in the "garage" ring. If you get to know the auctioneers, they will put something up for sale for you. I needed to get back to the other ring (there were Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer cake pans in the other ring!) so I asked for the auctioneer to put this up.

I had some ribbon that went perfectly with the red on the label and the color of the canvas on the bucket.

I simply added some greenery and lights.

I have a few pairs of old ice skates. They look great in my little hearth vignette.

I also have three straps of sleigh bells. None of these are a full strap of bells. For that reason, I have been able to buy them for less than a typical strand of sleigh bells which can go upwards of $200 or more in this area.

I just drape them throughout the picker bucket.

This is a simple way to add some character to your Christmas decor. I have left these up throughout winter in past years. It isn't specific to Christmas so it becomes a great winter decoration.

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