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Cool Ornate Chair Gets New Life

I am always on the hunt for treasures! I found this ornate chair at a non-profit thrift shop. I made a donation and loaded this (very) heavy chair in my vehicle. It is super solid, thanks to some repairs and reinforcement someone did at some point.

Velvet covered ornate chair
Back of Velvet covered ornate chair

I started ripping it apart. If you have dust allergies—as I do—this is the worst part. I found horsehair as the original padding. I typically don't keep any of the padding unless the piece is fairly new (mostly due to the allergies!).

removing old upholstery from Velvet covered ornate chair
Velvet covered ornate chair horsehair stuffing

There were three layers of fabric. I finally stripped it down to bare bones.

removing old fabric from Velvet covered ornate chair

Several of the springs had sprung so I re-tied all of them. There are great tutorials on YouTube for this. I am not an expert by any means. This was only the second chair I've done that needed the springs re-tied.

bare bones of Velvet covered ornate chair

At this point, there is always the decision to paint or not paint the wood. I never paint over nice wood and the wood on this chair cleaned up really well. It had a nice no paint!

trash generated from removing old fabric from chair

Just wanted to show how much trash this generated!

number of upholstery tacks removed from old chair

All the fabric and padding filled an entire trash bag. I also remove all the tacks and staples. Hitting an old tack or staple when trying to staple new fabric is not a good thing. I try to keep them corralled in a container so they don't wind up in my driveway.

reupholstering chair adding batting

I added new webbing and foam and then used cotton batting to cover the foam. I tacked it in place before I added the fabric.

batting and new web on upholstered chair

New padding, webbing and a beautiful fabric really starts to make a difference!

new fabric on ornate chair
New fabric on upholstered chair

I found this fabric at Hancock Fabrics when they were going out of business. It was 90% off if you bought the remainder of the bolt.

Reupholstered ornate chair with new fabric

I also bought a ton of trim at 90% off as well. I have plenty of fabric for this project and plenty for another project.

trim on newly upholstered ornate chair

I watched a lot of You Tube videos while doing this one! When I get stuck and don't know how to upholster something, I can always find a video to teach me how to do it.

New upholstery on ornate chair
New upholstery on ornate chair—finished chair

I was very pleased with the outcome. Overall I estimate I spent about 12 hours on this project. There was a lot of learning that happened during this project. This little beauty went off to the shop just before Christmas. Fingers crossed that it will sell! Update: it sold!

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New upholstery on ornate chair
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