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Fancy Floral Chair

This is one of two chairs I picked up at an estate sale. I really liked the detail on this chair. The fabric was dated, but this chair had a lot of potential. I posted a project about the other chair here. I actually finished this chair first, but I am so far behind on posting!

Look at the detail on this chair! They seriously just don't make chairs like this anymore.

I started this project by removing the fabric on the back and front of the chair.

Once the fabric was removed, I removed the padding and the burlap lining.

Next, I removed the fabric and padding from the seat of the chair.

Removing the burlap and horsehair revealed the springs of the seat. They were still tied and secure, so I left them as is.

This is what the seat of the chair looks like without the fabric, horsehair and padding.

Removing old upholstery is a dirty job. The photos above show a small fraction of the mess that was made in the deconstruction of this chair. As someone that suffers from allergies (including dust!), this is often a miserable job. I do like knowing all of this dust and dirt will no longer be in the chair though.

The wood had lost any finish it had years ago. The wood was so dry and faded. It was thirsty for a new coat of stain. I used Varathane Early American stain to bring a little life back to this beautiful chair.

I allowed the stain to cure for a couple of days and then added new webbing for the back of the chair. I don't have a step by step on the upholstery. For this type of chair, I often have to "Google" my way through it.

I selected this beautiful floral fabric for this chair. I felt it really complemented the carved detail of the chair.

After upholstering with this beautiful floral fabric, I used fabric glue to attach gold trim to cover the staples. I use straight pins to secure the trim in place while the glue is drying (I allow 24 hours for the glue to dry completely).

Look at how the stain add richness. It really brings out the detail in the chair and complements the new fabric beautifully.

It's finished! I think the modern floral fabric complements the antique lines of the chair. New foam, batting and fabric will serve this chair well into the future!

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