Cute Little Chair

This little gem was a mere $5 at an estate auction. It sits really low to the ground. I don't know if the legs had been cut down or not. It was solid though. I generally only paint wood when it is damaged and cannot be brought back to life.

This type of reupholstery is the easiest to learn. Simply unscrew the seat from the base, remove the old fabric, replace the batting and staple the new fabric in place. Place the seat back in place and secure the screws. Of course I painted frame while the seat was detached. I painted this a creamy white color. I have been using the Folk Art chalk paint. I have had really good results with it. I distressed the paint with sandpaper and added a coat of wax.

This green fabric is a cotton duck. It works great for upholstery, and at under $4 a yard, it is very economical.

I thought it would make a great "time out" chair for a child since it sets so low. It sold right away!

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