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Wicker Table Gets a New Top

When I look at pieces to purchase, I look at A) can I resell this? B) if it needs fixed, can I repair it, and C), how much is it? This wicker table was really inexpensive because it had some damage.

Fortunately the damage was only on the lid. If it had been on any of the sides, I would have probably passed it up. When I saw this, I thought I could either remove the lid entirely and make it into a wicker planter or create a new top altogether—not from wicker of course, I am not a wicker-weaving wonder! Ha!

I decided to create a new table from scraps of boards I had in my shop.

This tongue and groove boards were left over from another project. I had enough boards to create a new top for this little table.

I removed the broken wicker from the table and measured the table top. I cut theses boards to size. Fortunately the width was perfect when the three boards were combined. I just needed to cut the length. I glued the seams together with wood glue and used two smaller pieces of wood on the underside to reinforce the boards. I glued these on the boards and then stapled them in place.

I used Varathane Early American stain on the lid once the glue had dried. I applied two coats because I thought the first coat was a little light for my taste.

I attached the wood to the frame of the table top with some small nails. I love how it turned out! Now it is useful on a patio or in any room.

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