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Making This Mid Century Modern Beauty Beautiful Again

I found this old Mid Century Modern beauty shop swivel chair on a FB Buy, Sell, Trade site. It was only $30 so I snapped it up. It was solid as a rock.

Mid Century Modern Swivel Chair with vinyl

The vinyl had metallic flecks. It was cool, but the vinyl was really dirty and someone has spray painted the back with an obnoxious bright green color.

MCM swivel chair with vinyl spray painted

I ran straight to the fabric store and found a beautiful fabric. This was the most difficult upholstery job I had tackled to this point.

Black and white swirl upholstery

I removed the arms from the chairs, leaving the backrest a separate piece. I removed the seat from the legs just to make it easier to upholster.

Reupholstered in black and white MCM swivel chair

The chrome was in really great shape. Very minimal pitting. It cleaned right up.

Reupholstered in black and white MCM swivel chair

I love this fabric! As soon as I saw it, I knew it was perfect. I always have a stash of fabric at home, but this one was calling my name.

I have been teaching myself how to reupholster furniture. YouTube videos are great for that!

I was really happy with the way this turned out. It still has the great vintage lines, but now it has fresh padding and this gorgeous fabric. I added a tufted button on the seat back. It was in the shop less than two weeks. Boo-ya! Sold it.

Reupholstered in black and white MCM swivel chair

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Reupholstered in black and white MCM swivel chair

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